Reid Bricker Fund

Illuminating Paths to Wellness.

Introducing The Reid Bricker Mental Wellness Fund, a transformative initiative established at Peer Connections Manitoba (PCM) with a profound purpose. The Bricker family endured the unimaginable pain of losing their beloved son, Reid, to suicide in 2015. In the midst of their darkest time, they found strength and determination to create awareness and lasting change in the system of support for those battling mental health challenges.

Reid’s mother, Bonnie Bricker, shared heartfelt words about her son’s struggle and the fund’s mission:

“Reid did not want to die, he reached out repeatedly but couldn’t find the help he needed when he needed it most. Reid led his life by trying to be empathetic to others. He always made time for a person in need, listening with his heart and offering a shoulder to lean on. We hope that by creating this fund we honour his intentions, keep in mind his empathy for others, and ultimately show that someone cares.


Driven by Reid’s compassionate nature and his commitment to helping others, The Reid Bricker Mental Wellness Fund aims to increase the availability of mental health supports and education across the province. It serves as a beacon of hope and a tribute to Reid’s enduring legacy, ensuring that individuals and families facing mental health challenges receive the support they need when they need it the most.

Every contribution to The Reid Bricker Mental Wellness Fund directly supports peer support, resource and program development, and the delivery of essential courses and workshops for those seeking help.

Together, we can create a compassionate and supportive community where mental wellness is prioritized, and individuals are empowered to seek the help they deserve.

By supporting this fund, we send a powerful message that someone cares, and that no one has to face mental health challenges alone. Join us on this meaningful journey as we honor Reid’s intentions and make a profound impact on mental wellness in Manitoba.

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