Hearing Voices That Are Distressing Workshop (Virtual) Mar 26

(This workshop requires registration)

This simulated workshop accurately portrays what someone who hears voices lives with daily, promoting a powerful understanding and awareness of the “hearing voices” experience. For caregivers, family members, workplaces, college/universities, paramedics, law enforcement and professional service providers who work with people who hear distressing voices. Participants will listen to recordings of voices through headphones connected to audio players while performing various tasks as the volume is adjusted.

Facilitated for people 18+ with access to a computer and strongly NOT recommended for those hearing voices.

The learning goals are:
• Understanding the day-to-day challenges that people face who hear voices.
• Becoming more empathetic toward people who hear distressing voices.
• Changing clinical practices to better address the needs of people who hear distressing voices.

Should you have any questions, please contact Sarah at facilitator@mherc.mb.ca


Date | March 26, 2024
Time | 1-4 pm
Where | Zoom Meeting (Zoom link & passcode will be emailed to you upon registration)

You will be REQUIRED to participate with a COMPUTER or laptop and: Earphones, earbuds or headphones (NOT Bluetooth), Enable camera and mic, Bring matchsticks, Qtips or toothpicks (approx. 20)