Why Peer Support?

Shared experience is our connection.

Peer support is a vital component of the recovery journey for individuals facing mental health and substance use challenges. It offers empathy, validation, and hope from those with lived experience. By sharing their own journeys, peer supporters provide a unique perspective and valuable support. Peer support addresses social isolation, breaks down stigma, and fosters open conversation. It complements other treatments and guides individuals towards recovery and wellness. The importance of lived experience cannot be overstated, as it brings understanding, relatability, and a sense of connection. Peer support plays a significant role in promoting resilience, fostering connections, and enhancing overall well-being. 

Who We Are

Our Mission

To provide quality, value-based peer support and mental health education for Manitobans and their families dealing with mental health and substance use challenges.

Our Vision

Mental wellness for all.

Connect with INDIVIDUAL support

Connect with INDIVIDUAL support

If you are facing mental health and substance use challenges, we offer a supportive community where you can find individual peer support and participate in workshops. Our programs provide an opportunity for individuals with lived experience to connect, share, and support one another on their journeys.

Connect with FAMILY + FRIEND support

Access Support for Family and Friends

If you have a loved one experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge, we offer one-on-one and group peer support tailored to your unique experience. Our programs are designed to provide a supportive community where individuals supporting their loved ones can connect and find solace in shared experiences.

Public Health Education

We offer FREE public health education through collaborative course development with public health service providers and individuals with lived experiences. Our public health education empowers you with the knowledge and skills you require.


Our Events

Discover Our Programs, Support Groups and Workshops.

Are you looking for a convenient way to stay up-to-date with all the programs, peer support groups, and workshops we offer? Check out our monthly comprehensive overview of upcoming events, allowing you to plan your participation at a glance.

Your Support Helps Us Support Others

Peer support is a cornerstone of our organization. In 2021, we provided 4283 hours of peer support, and your participation will help us expand our peer support programs, offering a lifeline to those seeking understanding, encouragement, and hope. Join us at our upcoming fundraising events, and together, we’ll build bridges that inspire and transform lives through the power of peer support. LEARN MORE

With the invaluable support of our community, we are making a greater impact by reaching more individuals in need. Our services are expanding beyond traditional boundaries as we extend our reach to clinical sites in both rural and urban communities within Manitoba. By collaborating with these sites, we are bringing peer support closer to those who may have limited access to such resources. Together, we are building a stronger and more inclusive support network, ensuring that support is available to individuals regardless of their location.

Reaching even more people

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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Last year’s 2022 Golf Tournament was a resounding success raising more than $36,000 for the organization. Your contribution allows us to continue to offer our programs and services at no cost to individuals, as well as their family members, friends, co-workers, caregivers, and members of the community living with mental health and substance use challenges.


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